Lifestyle Polygraph: Uncover the Truth About Habits

A lifestyle polygraph, also known as a full-scope polygraph, is a type of lie detector test that security agencies use to vet individuals who will have access to sensitive information. Unlike the counterintelligence polygraph, which focuses on espionage, sabotage, and terrorist activities, the lifestyle polygraph delves deeper into the personal aspects of an individual’s life.

Purpose of the Lifestyle Polygraph

Main Areas of Inquiry

Personal conduct: dishonest acts, past crimes, or any questionable behavior.Drug and alcohol use: illegal drug use or misuse of prescription medications and alcohol.Financial issues: debt, gambling, or other financial irresponsibility that could make you vulnerable to coercion.Psychological conditions: mental health issues that may impact your ability to protect sensitive information.

Implications on Security Clearance


The results of a lifestyle polygraph can have a significant impact on your eligibility for a security clearance. Inconsistencies or deceptions may result in the denial or revocation of clearance. It is vital to approach the polygraph with sincerity and preparation.

How Long Does a Lifestyle Polygraph Take


The duration of a lifestyle polygraph can vary, but typically it lasts between one to three hours.

What Questions Are Asked in a Lifestyle Polygraph?


Questions may cover topics like personal drug use, financial integrity, criminal activity, and adherence to rules and regulations.

Are lifestyle polygraph results confidential?


Generally, results are confidential and are shared only with authorized personnel involved in the clearance process.

How to Prepare for a Lifestyle Polygraph?


Preparation involves getting a good night’s sleep, remaining calm, and being honest and consistent in your answers.

What Consequences Come From Failing A Lifestyle Polygraph?


Failing can result in denial or revocation of security clearance and in some cases, employment termination.